The EasyMotionSkin Tec AG

EasyMotionSkin Tec AG is the parent company of the global operating EasyMotionSkin group.
As the "smallest fitness studio in the world", EasyMotionSkin
offers beginners and athletes a sophisticated EMS training system.

ISIN LI1147158318WKN A3C7M8EFIT EasyMotionSkin Tec AG




Annual report


Open communication and transparency for our investors and the capital market are important to us.
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The general meeting

The general meeting of EasyMotionSkin Tec AG is carried out as a "virtual general meeting" based on based on the COVID-19 regulations, considering the interests of both the company and the participants. The Board asks for your understanding that shareholders and their representatives cannot be physically present for reasons of health protection.


Christian Keck

Management, CEO

Simon Unterrainer

Corporate Planning


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