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Confirmation of the figures and further development of the sales strategy


Vaduz/Triesen, 27.02.2023. As the "smallest gym in the world", EasyMotionSkin offers a highly developed EMS training system. After the IPO in December 2021, the market expectation based on external research was met in the past financial year. The company will publish the concrete figures for the full year 2022 after the Annual General Meeting with the presentation of the Annual Report.

The premium brand continues to expand its sales strategy. While the company has so far relied primarily on classic one-off sales, the range will now be supplemented by subscription and rental variants. The planned strategic expansion will also be accompanied by a personnel change on 1 March 2023. Christian Keck (54), an internationally experienced sales professional and entrepreneur with responsibility for sales and marketing, has been recruited to take on the role of Board of Directors of the public limited company and Managing Director of the GmbH. The previous member of the board of directors, Michael Spitznagel, will devote himself to the expansion of the franchise concept as managing director of BodyClub24 GmbH.

The new subscription and rental models can now be used not only by fitness studios, physio and health facilities but also by businesses from the hotel, tourism, beauty and cosmetics sectors. "Subscription and rental models are customer-friendly offers that are well received in the B2B segment. They are easy to calculate and can be effortlessly integrated into one's own business. Our customers can thus create an uncomplicated entry into new or additional business and generate regular income without tying up capital. We as a company will benefit from the recurring revenues," explains EasyMotionSkin CEO Jürgen Baltes.

With the EasyMotionSkin training system, companies can offer their employees state-of-the-art fitness training and health promotion options as part of their company health management, says Jürgen Baltes. "We are noticing growing interest in this area. Fewer days of absence, high-performing employees and ultimately also the positioning as an innovative and attractive employer are just some of the advantages of this fiscally interesting measure for companies." 

With the further development of its sales strategy, the manufacturer of innovative EMS training systems is anchoring itself more strongly in existing and new market segments. Marketing measures such as those as a sponsor of the German national hockey teams and the Lochner bobsleigh team ensure widespread awareness. The successful participation in the ESA space mission "Cosmic Kiss" in 2021, in which the German astronaut Matthias Maurer successfully trained with EasyMotionSkin against muscle atrophy and bone loss on the International Space Station (ISS), noticeably ensures acceptance and appreciation.


About EasyMotionSkin Tec AG:

As the "smallest gym in the world", EasyMotionSkin offers beginners and
athletes a sophisticated EMS training system. Patented dry electrodes in an EMS suit
stimulate up to 90% of the body's muscles with low-frequency electrical impulses and thus
ensure increased oxygen uptake, performance enhancement, optimal training effects and
regeneration. The basis for this trademarked high-tech product is the know-how of a leading
cardiac medic from Germany as well as recognized studies that demonstrably prove the postive effects. EasyMotionSkin is a premium product, developed and produced in
Germany. By using digitization and developing further product innovations, EasyMotionSkin Tec AG
spans the arc from the innovative fitness system manufacturer to a future-oriented tech
company in the international health and lifestyle industry.



EasyMotionSkin Tec AG

Jürgen Baltes (CEO)

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FL-9495 Triesen