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EasyMotionSkin Tec AG grows into a new dimension / General Meeting approves acquisition of milon Holding by means of a capital increase through contributions in kind


  • EasyMotionSkin significantly enhances its market position as a holistic provider of health solutions with the acquisition of the milongroup
  • The milongroup with its strong trademarks milon and FIVE is excellently positioned as a specialist for high-quality, highly digitalized fitness equipment in the B2B segment
  • The milongroup has a market share of approx. 47 % in the current target segment
    in the D-A-CH region
  • Extensive growth potential of EasyMotionSkin and the milongroup through cross-selling, the development of new customer groups, internationalisation and digitalisation
  • Strong financial figures of the new group: Profitable sales revenues milongroup 2022: CHF 29.4 million / Profitable pro forma sales revenues EasyMotionSkin Group 2022: CHF 9.8 million.


Vaduz, 25.09.2023 – The shareholders of EasyMotionSkin Tec AG ("EasyMotionSkin", ISIN: LI114715831, m:access) have paved the way for the company's growth into a new economic and strategic dimension at today's extraordinary General Meeting. The capital represented at the General Meeting unanimously approved the planned increase of the company's share capital from CHF 1.00 million to CHF 2.92 million through the issuance of 19.2 million new bearer shares. The new shares will be subscribed by Maponos Holding AG, which in return will contribute all shares of milon Holding GmbH to EasyMotionSkin Tec AG. The transaction is based on a confirmed expert valuation of milon Holding of CHF 112 million. Maponos Holding will hold approximately 88 percent of the shares of EasyMotionSkin after registration of the capital increase through contributions in kind.


The milongroup is a leading developer and producer of high-quality, intelligent premium training equipment in the B2B segment. In addition to a large number of owner-operated gyms, its customers include around 550 physical therapy facilities and around 150 clinics and rehabilitation facilities. Under the milon umbrella brand, the Group offers a unique circuit training equipment concept, whereby the fully automatically controlled equipment is digitally networked and individually adapted to the respective user. Products for mobility training are offered under the trademark FIVE.


Currently, the milongroup is focused on 10 core markets, mainly in Europe. In the D-A-CH region, the market share in the premium B2B segment is around 47%. Supported by the growing fitness trend worldwide, the milongroup plans to expand into further international markets and position itself as a global provider. Corresponding sales and partner structures already exist in part and are being extended. The global market for B2B training equipment is currently estimated by experts at around USD 3 billion. With a new product line that will be launched in the coming year, the milongroup is increasingly addressing gym chains as well, thus significantly expanding its target group.


With the acquisition of the milongroup, EasyMotionSkin positions itself as a holistic health provider with an international focus in both the B2B and B2C segments. The unique EMS suit of EasyMotionSkin, which stimulates the muscles with low-frequency electrical impulses through patented dry electrodes, is comprehensively complemented with the training equipment of the milongroup by adding further health offers. The strong presence of milongroup in gyms and physical therapy facilities opens up considerable cross-selling potential for the existing EasyMotionSkin product range, especially when addressing end customers. A major driver of further growth will be the bundling of the digital expertise of EasyMotionSkin and the milongroup. The high degree of digitalization of the devices provides an excellent starting point for communication with the user and thus for further product offerings. In terms of international expansion, the management also sees numerous synergy effects between the milongroup and EasyMotionSkin.


In addition to the strategic advantages, the integration of the milongroup takes EasyMotionSkin to a new economic dimension. In 2022, the subsidiaries of milon Holding generated consolidated profitable sales revenues of CHF 29.4 million - the EasyMotionSkin Group reported profitable pro-forma sales revenues of CHF 9.8 million during the same period.


Christian Keck, Chairman of the Administrative Board and CEO of EasyMotionSkin Tec AG: "Today is an extremely important milestone in the history of our company. The world's smallest gym in the form of our unique EMS suit will be comprehensively complemented by a product family for training in gyms, physical therapy facilities and clinics. The strategic potential from this as well as the commercial opportunities are enormous. We will work hard to leverage them quickly and grow as a strong international provider of health solutions. In this way, we generate added value for our shareholders and for our customers alike, because healthy living, fitness and good training options are currently key challenges in the area of sustainability."


About EMS


As the "smallest gym in the world", EasyMotionSkin offers beginners and athletes a sophisticated EMS training system. Patented dry electrodes in an EMS suit stimulate up to 90% of the body's muscles with low-frequency electrical impulses, thus ensuring increased oxygen uptake, performance enhancement, optimal training effects and regeneration. The basis for this proprietary high-tech product is the know-how of a leading cardiologist from Germany as well as recognized studies that demonstrably prove the positive effects. EasyMotionSkin is a premium product, developed and manufactured in Germany. By using digitalisation and developing further product innovations, EasyMotionSkin forges a bridge from an innovative fitness system manufacturer to a future-proof tech company in the international health and lifestyle industry.



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